BLOG 4 - Closer Clip

HERLY MERLY. It's for real. I'm a little nut. nuttier than a chewy lil snickers. cool with it, though.

I decided I should do a video clip to put some nuttiness into the world. Then I had to think of one. So I drank too much coffee and realised that 'Closer' DEFINITELY needed a video clip of a giddy little dance line in the streets! And lets get the world involved. and LETS GET A BUNCH OF YELLOW UMBRELLAS AND HAVE A BOOGIE PARTY IN THE PARK. obviously.

So I met up with the ever magical crew at Honeycomb Productions and they said yes. they believed in my funny little ideas and they agreed to help extract them all from my mind and stick 'em on a screen for your eyes to see. this is like a 4 minute peek inside my brain. woah.


^^This is what my brain usually does when I don't have a bunch of yellow umbrellas.

So, being the extremely organised human that I am, I ordered the umbrellas a day and a half before we were set to film with them. They were from a place called UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS (shoutout for giving me a discount thank u, u sweet sweet umbrella selling legends) and they were clear to let me know that they 'might not get there in time' as I was 'cutting it fine' and so I suggested we all pray our boobies off that they arrive in time for us to boogie with them.

Then I decided I should catch up and chat with someone who dances, so dance machine Harleigh and I got together and had a bit of a groove about.

And so then, we hired some wonderful people. Nat the student, Laurent the giddy taxi driver, Margie the babin' business woman and Tom the runaway tradie (sorry about your hard hat m8 hahah budget). we danced. and we danced that wee merry jig in the middle of the street. WHICH! I sprung on them when I taught them the choreography approximately 12 minutes before filming.

Also.. oddly, we had a couple of people that yelled abuse at us as they went by. Apparently dancing in the street is horribly offensive in Australia and so I apologise to the anti-dance people of the nation for making this boogie town clip. I SHOULD'VE JUST PUT ON A BIKINI AND SUNG THE SONG IN SLOW MO WITH A FAN BLOWING MY HAIR BACK.



BUT. to that i say no. fans make my eyeballs dry. and so, to those agro yellers - be kinder to dancing strangers, you cranky old pieces of stale bread.

yeah, look. bit dramatic, alana. tone it down m8. potaters gonna potate.

ANYWAY. We got a wonderful group of people together for the very end. Fans, friends, family. All of us having an absolute lol under some yellow brollies. Huge thank you to those who came down to be a part of it. It was a bloody BIIIIG day! And after all my stressful phone calls to the delivery company THE UMBRELLAS ARRIVED IN TIME YAHOOOO! And so we danced. again. with brolls. and also patted many a doggo in the doggo park.

Shoutouts to Cass, Corey, Zac at Honeycomb Productions. Big love to Leesa, Harleigh, Kate, Rene, Angus, Tom R, Margie, Laurent, Nataleigh, Jessica, Tom A, Victoria, Em & her beautiful Nan, Ruby and Kat. Your time, dance moves and wonder is hugely appreciated and LOVED. thank you.

Thanks for reading this blob post and i'll look forward to maybe seeing inside your brain some time. lets do that.

watch it here, groove machines.

Alana Wilkinson