BLOG 2 - Playin' Catch Upz

Lemme fill ya in a little.

At the start of last year I quit my job to work full time on music. Fuck it, right? If this is me for real, then lets go. No plan B.

I played Nannup Music Festival in WA, flew to Sydney for a show with Eddi Reader, bought a gorgeous 1984 pop top campervan (that had an 'I LOVE JESUS' sticker on the front of it) and travelled Tasmania and up the East Coast playing shows, house concerts, busking, writing and spent one night killing it at Grease themed karaoke with some middle aged strangers. 🕺✨

Everyone kept asking me what I named my van and while I've never really been one to name things that don't breathe, I realised it was gonna be better to have an answer than to explain how boring I am, so she's the 'Nanny Van'. Because she's an oldie, the cutest thing you've ever friggin' seen and always has lollies in the cupboard.

I honestly had such an amazing time on that journey and am stoked to say that got to warm up the stage for some absolute legends along the way! Legends like the Pierce Brothers, Sarah McLeod and Bob Evans. Bloody name dropping already haha, but they were killer shows and it's always so amazing to share the stage with a songwriter or musician you admire.

I wrote some new tunes (including one about a zebra who wasn't sure if he was black with white stripes or white with black... and falls in love with a big babin' elephant named Penelope..) and recorded some new little demos. I played guitar, crocheted and slept in driveways, parks, side streets, caravan parks and one night I drank all the whiskey and made cups of tea for some merry folk at the pub before sleeping in the carpark. VANS RULE FOR THIS.

It was a big year in all the ways. I lost my beautiful grandfather and went through a couple of solid patches of real heartache and learning. Being consumed by these big feelings on gig days meant I had to dig really deep to find those good, happy vibes to be able to have a giggle on stage and do a good job at some of the biggest shows I had played. Life's funny timing, hey!

But they were some of my best shows, I reckon.

The feeling of being on stage, singing, sharing and connecting with an audience on an insanely human level is what I've scrunched up my face and wished for on every birthday cake since I can remember. And so, I got to share my vulnerability. One show I played on the day that I said goodbye to my grandfather, I burst into tears on stage and had to take a little break. In the break a gorgeous 14 year old girl got up on stage and BEAUTIFULLY sang 'Hallelujah' and I was back stage ugly sobbing at how incredible she was. It moved me so much and kicked my ass into gear. Her and I recruited a beautiful violinist and spent the last half an hour completely unplugged and sitting in a big circle with the audience singing and playing our hearts out in complete acoustic violin flavoured harmonies.

I looked & felt like a blobby sack of potatoes, but by the end of the show it had turned into something so, so, special and everyone in the audience felt the magic connection and healing power of music. It was a big one for me.

Sending huge thanks and love to everyone who embraced me and showed me so much love during that show.

So, speaking of the healing power of music, I've attached the Zebra song. No one has heard it apart from my Mum and Angus - the gorgeous fella that suggested I write a song about a zebra who wasn't sure of his stripey situation. It's JUST for you guys reading this, so you'll need the secret password to get in.

The secret password is - dicknose.

Kidding, there's no password. It’s just here.

And here are some snaps!

Alana Wilkinson