BLOG 3 - Recording


Well, cripes you guys. I've not been so great at this whole blog updation sensation business, but here we are and I'm gonna give ya another little slice of my pie (life). Hope you like sweetness cause it's been full of sugar recently and I'm pretty giddy about it.

So, biggest news to share is that I've been recording with some gorgeous humans. This is a good thing because for the first time... dare I say... EVER... I have felt comfortable recording. Recording is a weird one for me. I get all stressed and introverted and feel weird about singing into a microphone in a little dark room. It's such a strange little anxiety and it has definitely fucked with me in the past.

I guess the anticipation of the freak out that usually comes with recording has been why I haven't spoken too much about it or updated this B LOG in a while.... but.. IT NEVER CAME.


Cause its been great fun and I've genuinely bloody loved it.

So, first of all, I've been recording with sound wizard and all round gorgeous human being Hayden Calnin. We went up to Lauriston with our dear friend and incredible guitarist Justin Lewis and had a big camp out in a beautiful old church that Justin's family owns. It was mid May and it was bloody chilly, but I've found that theres almost nothing that a quick midnight run to a 24 hr Kmart can't fix.

$70 worth of heaters and squishy dressing gowns later, we were all toasty and stomp-clapping all over the place. For this first time around we managed to smash out most of the music of 5 songs in two days.


A few weeks later we went back up to the church with the heaters and more squishy outfits to record the vocals. It was SSOOOO cold and I was a little sniffle monster, but I'm pretty sure it was mostly my brain freaking out that maybe I'll bugger it up and everything will be ruined. GAD DAMN IT. But it was fine, surprise, surprise my brain was being dramatic and everything was fine. Well.. actually more than fine. I ACTUALLY bloody enjoyed it. cripes.

I got to sing so many harmonies which I LOVE TO DO but can't since I always play solo and only have one mouth. tricky. 🤷‍♀️ Much of the rancho relaxo I felt throughout this whole process is absolutely due to Hayden being so gentle, respectful and fun to create sounds with. What a brain that mans got on him. We should study it when he's not watching.

Hayden, Justin and Angus all sang the boy bits and I can't wait for you to hear their beaut man-pipes. gr8 songful boy sounds.

If you haven't heard the music that these beautiful men make then forget the rest of this blog and go now. Go to Kmart and buy yourself some nice treats cause hell, you deserve it and you may as well make a day of it. Look up Hayden Calnin. And then look up Angus and Justins duo 'Jack The Fox'. YO WELCOM.

So since then, Xander came in and played the bass bits and then Hayden and I spent countless hours sitting in front of the colourful squiggles that are the sounds we all created, mixing and making them sound better. Hayds is vry vry good at that. I'll say something like.... 'what if it sounds like there was a giant slow mo wild west saloon brawl, with a honky tonk piano solo and some crazy shit going down, and probably everyone has cowboy hats on, drinkin whiskey. and they've got guns. and those little metal spinny things on their shoes.'

And he'll say something like... 'okay, lets try... this'

And then the next thing you know we're plink plonkin out the solo's on a honky tonk with cowboy hats on.*


(*cowboy hats was a lie. sorry. lets never lie to each other again.)

Anyway... I have also had the realisation that since I really only have little live videos on the internet of me singing about kinky dreams and polar bears (different songs, not having a kinky dream about a polar bear, you sicko) this will be my debut Alana Wilkinson (me) release. i've been full time music with no music. what a clown. what am i doing. 😂

Anyway mates, that'll all change very soon and I can't wait to share with you what Hayden and I have been working on.

Have some photos from our chilly church recording sessions in Lauriston.


GUYS IM SO EXCITED. this whole experience has been a goodie.


Sorry for sparatic yelling. CANT help IT.

Alana Wilkinson