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Will I wake up in the morning to the sound of your breathing chest?

Can’t hide anything in pockets when you’re keeping me undressed

And I know that you know that I know

We’re making it up as we go, so come and make it up with me

No need to rush, we’re taking our time

And I’ve got you all over my mind,

So come and rug it up it with me

Oh, we don’t say the words too soon

Just like the way you do what you do

So, stay cause it’s getting a little late

And I don’t mind if we just tip toe, come and get closer.

Don’t you worry if I stumble looking for the words to say

I’m just trying to paint some colour on the concrete grey

I know that you know that I know

And it’s clear that you don’t wanna go, so come and rug it up with me

I’m watching the steps of your mind, as they skip and come dancing with mine

So come and rug it up with me

We collide, I let your world crash right into mine,

We collide and it burns so brightly

Oh, we don’t say the words too soon

Just like the way that you move

So, stay cause it’s getting a little late

And I don’t mind if we just tip toe

Just get close.



Hands in the dress up box

Feathers everywhere

Lipstick kisses on the mirror

Glitter in our hair

Dancing to the songs we had to know

Taping them off of the radio

You’d push pause and I’d scribble down a verse

So we could learn the words and sing them at school

Yep, we were pretty cool.

Seems so long ago that you and I, we shared our lives

For so many years, we would laugh and we would fight

But you and I, we were a team 

And there was no amount of grounding 

That could get in the way of you being by my side

As my partner in crime

Sleeping in the yard

To sneak out in the middle of the night

I would skate and you would ride your bike

Bandits born to ride. 

Racing like we made some great escape out 

To meet the other kids at the round about  

Feeling like the kings of our home town

We’d both have been dead if our parents found out.

Well, I guess that they’ll know now. 

We grew up and years ran away

We didn’t see each other everyday

And the photos of your happy head 

Turned to photos of you in the hospital bed

And before I knew it, you’d slipped away

We never got to chat about the good old days

But I hope you knew

I looked up to you

And not just because I was smaller and I had to.

One day I’ll tell your little boy of how we shared our lives

Of all the mischief that was made with you by my side

Of how when my parents split, you sat with me and cried.

And maybe we’ll reunite in the next life

You’ll be by my side again my partner in crime. 



sometimes we carry things around that we shouldn’t have to or don’t want to.

sometimes we don’t tell people things because we feel shame or embarrassment or fearful of judgement.

well there’s no judgement here and i pee’d my pants yesterday, so if you’d like to OFFLOAD A SECRET OR a SITUATION OR a STORY THAT HAS BEEN WEIGHING YOU DOWN, feel free to do so with this little button.

You can do it anonymously or under a super cool secret agent name. you do you.